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ISOL-8's High Performance Power Conditioners

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PowerLine Series

ISOL-8's PowerLine Series is a family of effective Power Conditionerdesigned to supply, protect and enhance the power feeding your HiFi or AV system. While simple in design and application the PowerLines are capabale of lifting a systems performance because they harness decades of ISOL-8's power handling expertise. With the PowerLine family, ISOL-8 serves up a powerful, yet flexible power conditioning solution for those who put performance and value first.
The PowerLine family all share the same core design features.

  • square An anodized 6mm thick CNC machined aluminum top plate forms an ideal mechanical foundation: non-magnetic and non-resonant.
  • square Input is by IEC connector. Each high quality power outlet has a hinged cover to IP54, protecting unused outlets from dirt, dust and little fingers.
  • square Wiring is carefully selected silver plated copper with PTFE insulation throughout, providing excellent power transmission properties.

The ISOL-8 PowerLine Family include:

  • circle PowerLine Plus - The PowerLine Plus simple power distribution when no conditioning is necessary, with the benefits of a custom earthline choke.
  • circle PowerLine Axis - Earthline Choke and DC Blocking are added to the Powerline Axis creating a simple, yet powerful solution for just about any system.
  • circle PowerLine Ultra 4 & PowerLine Ultra 6 - The Ultras are the most popular of the PowerLine Family! The ISOL-8 Ultra 4 has one (1) and the Ultra 6 has two (2) high current(HC) outlets filtered by a high current shunt filter, and are suitable for heavy current demanding amplifiers and subwoofers. The remaining outlets are for source components and they employ one of ISOL-8's Transmodal filters.
  • circle PowerLine Extreme - In class of its own for a powerbar type power conditioner, the new PowerLine Extreme adds Axis DC-Blocking to the Ultra 6. This five(5) outlet unit sacrficies one of the Ultra-6's high current outlet to make space for ISOL-8's powerful DC-Blocking circutry.
  • circle PowerLine 1080 & PowerLine Chroma - The ISOL-8 PowerLine 1080 and Chroma round out the PowerLine family delivering fully conditioned power with an extra eye to video displays. Based on the Ultra 4 and Ultra 6, except with one of the source outlets incorporates a specialized video filter. The benefit is to effectively eliminate noise within the display panel itself and within the digital electronics for pre-processing of the picture.
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The MiniSubs

The MiniSubs have always been at the heart of ISOL-8, delivering great power conditioning performance leveraging many of the technologies found in the flagship ISOL-8 Substation family to deliver outstanding value for money.
The MiniSub Wave, MiniSub Axis, and MiniSub Chroma all share the same 6-outlet format, with each having independent filter stages on each source outlet. With each outlet filtering independently, component cross contamination, where the noise from the mains power supply is passed from one system component to another, is eliminated.

ISOL-8's MiniSubs:

  • circle MiniSub Wave - ISOL-8's MiniSub Wave is capable of conditioning an entire system. It is the ideal solution to start seriously upgrading your power supply, liberating system performance lost to the negative effects of noise on the mains power supply
  • circle MiniSub Axis - The Minisub Axis shares its basic topology with the MiniSub Wave, with the addition of ISOL-8's Axis circuit, to deliver the DC-blocking capabilities that improve overall quality of the mains power supply.
  • circle MiniSub Chroma - The ISOL-8 MiniSub Chroma brings the same giant killing performance that the MiniSubs are known for, to AV systems with the addition of an outlet for video displays of all types, deploying a dedicated broadband video filter.
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ISOL-8 Inline Conditioner

Inline Power Conditioner

The ISOL-8 InLine Power conditioner has the simplicity of a single outlet, yet it packs a heavy punch providing the high current DC blocking Axis circuit and a high performance, low impedance filtration circuit. The simple design harnesses all ISOL-8's vast experience in power conditioning to effectively remove electrical noise without compromising dynamic performance.

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ISOL-8's Audiophile Power Conditioners

Solid and powerful, yet dynamically transparent

Substation Integra

Substation Integra

The ISOL-8 SubStation Integra has the power and flexibility to supply, protect and effectively condition almost any high quality audio. With a slight compromise on the most expensive components of the HC & LC SubStations, the SubStation Integra provides most of the performance at more affordable price.

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Substations LC, HC, & Axis

The SubStations

ISOL-8 delivers quite an ensemble with the Substation HC, SubStation LC, and Substation Axis. Standing alone or in combination for even greater performance, the SubStations are a flexible, effective power conditioning solution capable of satisfyng the requirements of more powerfuul HiFi systems. They provide a powerful foundation that liberates system performance, that was previously being lost due to a compromised power supply.

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SubStation LCX

SubStation LCX

The full width version of the acclaimed SubStation LC, the ISOl-8 SubStation LCX sports two additional outlets and delivers the benefits of an added layer of filtration. The SubStation LCX is the ultimate high performance mains power conditioning and distribution solution for your source components.

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The QUBE - coming soon!


This high current phenomenon is sure to be a game changer, capable of delivering conditioned high-current power to more components simultaneously, than ever before!